Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Silas Marner Tea – January 22, 2011

George Eliot is not one of my favorite authors. I recognize that her works are proven literary classics. I understand that her writing is solid, deeply developed and knowledgeable.

Is it her technique that I don’t relish? Is it her delivery that seems sere…too lacking in emotion?

In the midst of her novels there are bright, stirring plotlines with characters that ache with longing, grapple with guilt and shine with loving innocence. Why do they seem to stand behind the pages of Eliot’s description waiting patiently for entrance?


The moving storyline regarding Silas Marner and his sweet adoption of little Eppie is one of my George Eliot favorites. Poor lowly weaver of Raveloe – reclusive and crushed by society – broken free from his isolation by a lost and friendless little toddler. Shimmering golden locks replace piles of glinting gold. The guild-ridden anonymous father watching from his squire’s mansion… throwing money and gifts at a daughter he was without the courage to claim.

Is it possible that we all know a Nancy – the one who stands on principle but misses the passion of Right? Are we fortunate to have Dolly Winthrops in our midst waiting with common sense and compassion? How much to we reach out to those around us – risking disapproval or standing in vulnerability so that the kindness and goodwill of our neighbors can thaw our locked & frigid hearts?

As The Jane Austen Tea Society - we have found that thoughts and ideas sound better & flow more freely over bone china cups of Cream Earl Grey, Yorkshire Harrogate and Baroness Grey teas.

It was a small group of us for this snow clad January Silas Marner Book Tea – only five tea-bibbers. But we had a superb time nibbling goodies and sharing our thoughts.

Next – The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall by Anne Brontë in April…

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  1. I really enjoyed this page. I belong to a Jane Austin book club that is in Orlando, FL. I would love to read the book for April and follow along.