Friday, July 15, 2011

Chapter VII – Retrograde Investigation

Surely a pretty woman never looks prettier than when making tea. The most feminine and most domestic of all occupations imparts a magic harmony to her every movement, a witchery to her every glance. The floating mists from the boiling liquid in which she infuses the soothing herbs, whose secrets are known to her alone, envelop her in a cloud of scented vapour, through which she seems a social fairy, weaving potent spells with Gunpowder and Bohea. At the tea-table she reigns omnipotent, unapproachable. What do men know of the mysterious beverage? Read how poor Hazlitt made his tea, and shudder at the dreadful barbarism. How clumsily the wretched creatures attempt to assist the witch president of the tea-tray; how hopelessly they hold the kettle, how continually they imperil the frail cups and saucers, or the taper hands of the priestess. To do away with the tea-table is to rob woman of her legitimate empire.

From Lady Audley's Secret
by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Tomorrow is the Book Tea for this surprisingly good read - Saturday - July 16, 2011!

We will sip perfectly steeped tea, nibble delectables and enjoy sharing thoughts & observations. Some of us will wear jeans & some of us will appear in sun hats & flowered tea dresses... But we will all savor the happy pleasure of reading a good book and discussing it with friends.

If anyone has views that they would like to list under Comments and have us share at the Tea... jot away!

See you tomorrow!

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